Thursday, 2 June 2016

DOWNLOAD My Ramadan Checklist

My dearest online family, Ramadan is so near and I always sit and wonder... 'am I doing enough?'. I guess we never really are. There is so much to learn about our beautiful religion.. ISLAM & we truly need to find time within our busy days to learn as much as we can!

That being said, last month I had an idea to help motivate myself during Ramadan to keep track of my 'duties' (Quran recitation, Dhkir, Dua etc). So being the overly organised 'me' I wanted to create a checklist for myself to print out and keep with me to encourage me to do these 'duties' & tick them off throughout the day for the entire month of Ramadan & hopefully this will help me to continue doing these beautiful tasks after Ramadan also.

After I began creating the checklist I realised I didn't really know EXACTLY what I should include in it to help me maximise my Good deeds during this holy month so I turned to my local Islamic community. I spoke to some beautiful women within the Islamic centre where I have been learning to read Quran the past few months & they helped me to ensure the checklist was at its full potential. After I finished the checklist I realised there may be so many other girls who may want to make use & take advantage of this checklist during this beautiful month. So I straight away had the idea to share it with you all. However, I wanted to ensure the checklist was proofread first so I forwarded the checklist to a knowledgeable Sheikh in the community who worked with me to make a few adjustments & we finally came up with the final 'Ramadan Checklist'.

Go ahead and download & PRINT the checklist by clicking >>HERE<< & in return all I ask is for your DUA on this beautiful month for me & my family, Inshallah.

I truly hope this is a form of Sadiqa Jariya for me & for all who share inshallah. 

Love you all for the sake of Allah (swt) & Happy Ramadan!!