Thursday, 23 July 2015


Organise Pantry [✔️] .

Finally had the opportunity to organise my pantry this morning.

So here are my top tips for pantry organisation

🔸Section off your pantry according to product type (i.e. Sauces, snacks, baking, herbs/spices, breakfast stuff etc)

🔸Label EVERyTHING! You may think you know what it is but just label it (looks pretty anyway☺️) - I may as well carry my DYMO labeller in my handbag.. That's how much I use it!

🔸If you purchase something with little product and big packaging just pour the product into a jar (reject shop) a size that will suit the amount of product and label what it is. This will help you save so much space. NOTE: don't forget to write the expiry date to!

🔸Always keep a stepping stool in your pantry for handy access. You never know when you need that bad boy! Especially when you're in a rush.

🔸If you have a walk in pantry like mine with plenty of room, use it to store your bigger cast iron pots & electrical appliances i.e. Rice cooker, food processor, juicer etc - it helps save space in your kitchen cupboards! 

🔸Keep a book stand in your pantry with your favourite recipe of the week & make it your GOAL to make that recipe. Every Time you open your pantry it will remind you to make it!

🔸Buy pantry steppers (as seen in my third shelf) - these are a definite 'must-have' to ensure you can see all your jars and you won't end up with triples of each sauce. 

🔸 Don't over crowd shelves. Keep them minimal with products in order to be able to see everything on each shelf. 

Here are some extra snaps of my pantry including my 'snack/junk' shelf, baking shelf, breakfast shelf etc. 

Hope this post will help some of you
Love you all,

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