Wednesday, 4 September 2013

REVIEW - Sodi's Gems

So.. Im finally getting around to doing a review for the amazing hijab pins sent to me by the beautiful Sodi from 'Sodi's Gems'.

Let me first start with the cute packaging

Double wrapped (for safety) in purple then red&white striped wrapping paper with a cute little 'Sodi's Gems' sticker! Now lets get to the FUN STUFF! So, heres what was sent to me!

So starting from left to right we have the: 
💟 'Rajasten Silver Heart'
💟 'Round Hollow Charm'
💟 'Filigree Drop'
💟 'Filigree Flower (Bronze)'
💟 '3 Spike' (Gold)
💟 'Bow'
💟 'Rose' (Grey)
💟 'Sabertooth'
💟 'Dice'
💟 'Peace'
💟 'Hijab friendly safety pins'

My personal two favourite hijab pins are the 'Filigree Flower' & the 'Sabertooth' i love the fact that they have such great symbols (to me anyway)! The colours are also a great aspect, being very versatile and can be worn with absolutely ANY outfit/hijab! 

And how can i not speak about those AMAZING and must i add SMART 'Hijab friendly safety pins'! OMG! I was waiting for the day these are invented! 😋 Have you ever had your hijabs/scarves pulled and tugged from those normal pins or have you ever had pins get stuck or 'lost' in your hijab? Well, i have and i HATE IT! however, with these hijab friendly safety pins they are a LIFE SAVER

The round area makes it impossible to get stuck or damage your hijab! I am in LOVE

To purchase any of the pins mentioned above please visit the links below! ⬇⬇
Instagram: @sodisgems

Love you all