Friday, 30 March 2012

Daily Skin-care Routine

Well, we have all at one point in our lives suffered from breakouts or acne or maybe just those ugly black heads :(. But since then we learnt to keep our skin clean at all times. Ofcourse as a child or teenager we were always just TOO busy (lazy) to maintain a healthy routine
Ofcourse this is for the "Day-Time". Look out for my next blog "Nightly" routine.

Well here's my secret steps you will need to follow in order to achieve healthy looking skin....

1.      Cleanse - It literally only takes around 40 seconds to cleanse everday. Make sure it's an oil-free cleanser. Dispense one pump of your favourite cleanser (mine is Neutrogena Acne prone cleanser in grapefruit smell) onto your fingers, combine some water with it until it lathers and gently massage it all over your face. Make sure it stays on your face for at least 30 seconds to make sure all the ingredients are soaking up into your pores. Then.. Wash your face with LUKE-WARM WATER. It's important the water isn't TOO Cold or TOO Hot. Then pat your face dry with a clean face towel and VIOLA your done with cleansing. Now on to the next step..
2.      Tone - The cleanser opens up your pores to allow all the ingredients to work well but it's very bad to keep them open they must CLOSE. :p Soo.. in order to do this you must tone your face. You will need an Alcohol-Free Toner. I use Neutrogena Alcohol-free toner. Pour some toner onto a cotton pad or ball and gently wipe all over your face. This will help close your pores fast enough to ensure no bacteria or dirt enters. FINALLY.. the last step.
3.      Moisturise - I can't brag on enough about how important this step is!! You absolutely MUST moisturise. NO exceptions! =). I use neutrogena oil-free facial moisturiser. Yes, you can probably tell i love neutrogena. Maybe it's because i have combination skin and it literally saved my life using neutrogena products. :). Apply as many pumps of moisturiser you like depending on your skin type. Ofcourse, if your skin is dry apply 2-3 pumps. If your skin is oily apply 1 pump. If your skin is combination apply more to the dry areas and less on the oily areas. SIMPLE!.

I have done this routine for 3 years straight now ofcourse i've had lots of trails and errors with products but i've finaly found what's best for my skin. It takes me ONLY 3 minutes every morning to do this routine and trust me it's worth every second.
Once you finish you will feel refreshed, clean and PIMPLE-FREE!

Comment below and let me know if you've tried the products i use and how they worked for you. Let me know if you know of any BETTER skin-care products that i can try out.

Hope this post helped you out. =)


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